Update 23.07.17 From UnOfficial To Offical Annoncement Of Your Limitless Access To Your Source Treasury Accounts Being FULL ON

Update 23.07.17 From UnOfficial To Offical Annoncement Of Your Limitless Access To Your Source Treasury Accounts Being FULL ON

Update 23.07.17 From UnOfficial To Offical Annoncement Of Your Limitless Access To Your Source Treasury Accounts Being FULL ON
roger larsen

(videoblog in english language)
From UnOfficial To Offical Annoncement Of Your Limitless Access To Your Source Treasury Accounts Being FULL ONLINE ACTIVATED FOR YOU TO HAVE YOUR RIGHTFULLY FULL ACCESS TO… WHICH MEANS THAT THE…..


38 Responses to “Update 23.07.17 From UnOfficial To Offical Annoncement Of Your Limitless Access To Your Source Treasury Accounts Being FULL ON”

  1. espen says :REPLY
    hei fra Norge her vil gjerne være med dere og verden til et bedre sted.. har blitt vekket opp fra Matrixen tar litt tid men er på god vei…. send meg gjerne info på mail…
  2. Jacqueline says :REPLY
    I am sending lots of love and healing prayers to all. The adversarial position they took is not a healthy one. Sending lots of love and healing prayers so that this this situation will be healed to everyone’s highest good.
    • Ginger Snyder says :REPLY
      What can we do to help Randy Beane who is sitting in jail, does he need money sent to the jail? Just let us know we do not want him to suffer, no one should feel pain and I know that he is, please advise. To all of you that won this for America, God bless you ALL.
      Thanks again
      Ginger Snyder
  3. sabj0909@gmail.com says :REPLY
    We (my ancestors too) appreciate all you have done for this moment in our lives. Bless and keep you through all things. Beautiful vibration enclosed with LOVE
  4. Elle says :REPLY
    As someone working on the gcr side of things for a long time, but aware of the existence of TDA’s this is great news. One thing I’ve never quite figured out though is how turning everyone on the planet instantly into untold billionaires will work as far as the daily work needs of the planet goes. I’m thrilled we can end the atrocious exploitation of the 99% of us goes, but no one’s ever ( in my mind) been able to give a sensible answer to the “when no one has to work, who will want to” dilemma , excluding of course those who already work for passion vs. needing to trade dollars for hours in a mind numbing job just to survive.
    In the long term moving to an economy where money has no meaning and economies are created from the genuine exchange of creative expressions is great, but garbage pick-up, farm labor, menial labor jobs in hotels, etc. these are all essential jobs which should receive more appreciation and compensation than they do, but which few people would do if they didn’t have to. Nor does technology exist this red hot second to fulfill those jobs robotically or otherwise either. You get my point…..
    • Question Everything says :REPLY
      Of course you “never quite figured out” how it’s going to work because it’s not going to work and this is nothing but nonsense. I guarantee there will be no official announcement about anything related to anything Heather said in this interview. NOTHING.
      There are no payments being transferred to anyone. The only thing being sent across the ACH network are transfer requests. Nothing more. And EVERY SINGLE ONE of those transfer requests have been reversed. You can’t show me a single person that has received an actual successful funds transfer or offload of debt. NONE.
      I’m sure this crew will have a nice coaching program or ebook or other nonsense you can buy soon to show you how you can control your strawman and the millions of fantasy cash attached to it.
      The dumbing down of the U.S. population has obviously been a wild success.
    • sonny says :REPLY
      Dear Elle,
      maybe what people thought was normal all these years that work is what people should not like, turns out to have been mind control of the masses to teach hate and conflict when in reality mankind is no more complex than a swarm of bees who would be so seemingly very much less able to have order and abundance as they lack the cognitive ability of humans, yet arrive at perfect harmonious action and result. how much more would humans arrive there knowing our true origin of love and family… families never trade one thin dime and they automatically are abundant in their love and confidence (barring scarcity’s effects anyway brought by you-know-who). just a thought anyway. imagine that god is our father who created the whole universe for the happiness of his children and wants us to be MORE capable as all parents wish their children to be, how much of a problem could we encounter knowing this ? no money is of course needed at all for the perfect multiplication of love and families in such a world and that is coming of course. all we need to understand god is one representative that knows what god knows. not only is this NOT impossible, it is what all people are to inherit once the assassins of the devil are disabled and evil control of the money system was the technique used for this until now and since it will be disabled completely and forever that world of harmony (our money) will be here at last.
    • Tama says :REPLY
      You are hitting on exactly what I am concerned about. I see society crumbling within days of them releasing these funds. In just a matter of days, the shelves will be empty. And a hungry person is a dangerous person.
      Seems a good majority of people understand that this is as much, if not more, a spiritual journey, as it is a political fight. Yet, we have somehow missed the mark.
      While a lot of people want the money, to be able to do humanitarian actions, and their hearts are in the right place, we cannot see the forest for the trees.
      We should not be going after this money. It isn’t even what we really want. What we want is freedom. Freedom to build a house that is suitable for us. Up to our standards. Not one that suits their standards. Their standards only limit our ability to acquire a home. To pay for a home. We should have the freedom to build a house on land of our choice. Land that belongs to no one. It is our God given right! We want the freedom of planting a garden and growing food to feed ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors. Free of pesticides and chemicals. We want the freedom to travel the earth and enjoy making memories with our loved ones. Freedom to have energy without the threat of it being turned off because we can’t afford the bill, and risk losing our children when it is turned off. We want freedom.
      Yet we are still so brainwashed, that we believe in order to be free, we must have money. Funds. A bank account. A debit card. We dont! All we need is the commitment to each other. A commitment to do our part. A commitment to stand together. A commitment to have each others back. A commitment to be our brothers keeper. And I don’t mean behind bars.
      When we realize that we are all equal., because we all have a place in the world. That we all have something to contribute. That what we contribute is priceless. That without each and every individual, society would not work, we will truly have equality. When we realize, that they can keep their money. That we will build our homes the way we want regardless of their zoning laws. We we start learning on one another. When we start supprting each other, their money will be worthless. THIS is the only way we will ever get what we truly want. Freedom. Equality. And Life.living life. Not simply surviving.
      • Question Everything says :REPLY
        Good god people, nothing is going to be released and there will be NO official announcement of anything. This is why this interview rambled on for an hour and basically sand nothing. GO RESEARCH Heather and 2013 OPPT fraud and you will have everything you need to understand who is behind this, why it’s all nonsense and why nothing will come of it.
        A lot of you are acting like lemmings. You are blindly following a bunch of nonsense with ZERO research of your own. It’s sad as well as alarming.
      • steven Lee says :REPLY
        Great comment by Tama very inspring. Freedom is what gives everything we need. No bounderies. No limits only unlimted imagination and from that creates unlimited possibilities. When are minds are free so is our potential. God Bless this Country for we need to put him First. Our alleged spokesmen and women are the ones that removed God from this Country and its always been in the peoples hands to rise above them.
        Time we stand on Principals. Morals and Ethics and put God First. Family 2nd and if you want to work then your job 3rd.
        Personally I would put my Freedom 3rd.
        God wanted us to be free that is why he gave us everything we need to live a happy free life.
        It is the intententions of several evil men and women that have bound us.
        I could go on but i see no reason.
      • Jaymcaul says :REPLY
        Interesting comment but I have a question. You say the land belongs to no one and we should be free to build a house on land of our choice. What if two different people choose the same plot of land? What if a hundred different people all choose to build their own house on the same piece of land? Who gets to build their house there and how is this determined?
        Would there be a lottery system to resolve such disputes? How would it be monitored (I do not trust the electronic state lottery systems where a computer “randomly” selects a “winning” number AFTER all players have electronically told the computer which numbers have been played thus allowing the computer to “randomly” select a non winning number.) So a manual lottery system that anyone can verify the outcomes of would have to be enacted.
        Just some thoughts.
    • Sensory Perception says :REPLY
      WHERE IS THE “OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT”??? Where are the Forms for setting up an Actualized Trust???
      As to the valid ideas regarding so many who will quit their jobs … which is totally understandable, what I have been working on way before this TDA stuff, is helping the Homeless. I ended up with a new Community Business model. It is Non-Profit, Self Sustaining and Self Sufficient. Any intitial Capital goes toward the set-up, land, buildings, equiptment, etc. and start-up. It’s complicated but will work and is Scalible and Replicatable outside major cities and towns. Example, LA. has 13,000+ homelss. Hawaii 8,000+ Virginia 7,000+. Go figure
    • Rapheal says :REPLY
      The whole plan is that the prosperity will shift all of us to wanna help each other and build new things… That will be work. This is a whole dimension shift like heaven. Work will be loving the planet and everyone and everything apart of it. The way life has been for a long time wasn’t the plan. I hope that helps you beloved.
    • Icy says :REPLY
      when people feel respected they will do the worst of jobs.
  5. marion says :REPLY
    Thank you so very much for all your work love and effort. I hope that the Netherlands will also be able to access there account also soon since we don’t know how because we have another system called the BIS account. Could you let us know of soone hier that knows how? Take care and love, Marion
  6. Kimberlie.Sparkman-McCann says :REPLY
    You are beautiful soul thank you it comes down to we can Feed and take cear of our families,it’s not about being quote “being” RICH” Love,Compation,Respect
    Kimberlie Shon Sparkman-McCann
  7. Krista says :REPLY
    I knew there was a reason we connected 3 years ago…all because you made a video using an audio clip of my radio show. Thank you star brother Roger Larson for being you and doing what you do!
  8. BeV says :REPLY
    Yaaaaaaay. Yes. THANK you so much for sharing ALL. Bring It ON WeAreReady
  9. Arthur Carr says :REPLY
    So we k ow can access n use the treasury accounts with no reversals?
  10. Marie says :REPLY
    Thank you so much for everything you have done for all flesh and blood human beings on earth. So happy and loving it!
  11. Tama Gibson says :REPLY
    I as one question. Is everyone ready to continue to do their jobs, even after you are supplied with limitless monetary values? If not, we will have nothing left to buy, in a very short period of time. Have we learned enough to be given this responsibility? We can create a garden of eden, as long as we understand, we are our brothers keeper. Love to all
    • I M Power says :REPLY
      One way to help play with the ideas you mention here, is to open up your perspective, so you are not looking with Old 3D, slavery system eyes. Comhair, is a word the Irish use, to describe a sense of feeling of community of working together. This is our natural state, and one I think people will return to. Many of the things that people do now will not be needed. I’m not sure how much you are aware of, as to how things really work and the full extent of all that has been hidden…
      Once that is revealed and all the tools, technology, knowing, abilities, all of it is reveled and integrated, much of what you are thinking about will already be taken care of. (it works that way for the ptw-elite) they just have the old versions of all of it. What you would think when you experienced them as “star trek” things. :-)
      Being awake, aware, and standing in the truth of who you really are, means you are 100% responsible and liable for you. That will change everything too.
      The Totality of what will be revealed, what will unfold for you, about you, all you’s reading this… Will expand your mind. It will take a bit of integration to adjust to it all.
      Getting out of your head and into your heart, which has a much bigger brain than your head will help with a smooth transition.
      The most important thing to remember. You are a Creator Being, how would you like to create things in your life?
      Have fun, Play with the possibilities!
  12. Marilyn says :REPLY
    God Bless all that have been involved with moving this forward. Thank you from a Norway prespective, which is so good to watch. Take care all,
  13. Question Everything says :REPLY
    This is by far the most ridiculous interview and flat out lies I have heard yet related to all this TDA info.
    imo – Heather rambled on in circles for an hour and said absolutely nothing. Do you know why that is? Because it’s nonsense.
    My prediction, in a week or two + you will see nothing official from anyone other than Heather herself again with another rambling interview about some excuse why no official announcement ever came.
    Do yourself a favor and go research Heather and her long line of bull. It’s easily found online.
    The amount of gullibility I have seen in the comments from people over this TDA nonsense, Harvey Dent, Heather among many others pealing the same garbage is incredible as well as alarming. Seriously people, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH instead of following these people blindly. So you think heather is a lawyer? Really? Go research that as well.
    She tells a good story… she should write fantasy novels.
    I seriously cannot believe how foolish and gullible people are. Good god it’s 2017, you have access to the internet and have instant connections to more information and knowledge than ever and you don’t even use it. You sit here BLINDLY following people on youtube that spit this nonsense. Unreal.
    • Cheryl says :REPLY
      Sounds like you need a HUG
    • John Jensen says :REPLY
      My 2¢
      Be careful what you ask for, especially these days, as you will get it, and faster than ever.
      Whether you are aware, understand or know, that you are, along with everyone else, creator beings, is becoming more and more apparent, to more and more folks, everywhere,
      Right Now.
      What you believe, what you intend, is what you create, for yourself.
      Which can be condensed down into a single question.
      What Do YOU Want?
      Which is in distinct contrast to what what you don’t want (as in what’s wrong with… (pick the subject(s) of choice)).
      “Choose wisely”
      • I M Power says :REPLY
        yes, and the energies are speeding up and increasing in frequency.
        The turn around on intention and what you feel and say into what you create will take a leap up in speed with the Lion’s gate on August 8th and the solar eclipse.
        What you are feeling/saying/doings/wanting… is the path you are choosing, by free will choice… that choice of frequency is what you will have for the next million years or so.
        Choose wisely
  14. Question Everything says :REPLY
    Why are you censoring comments?

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