Most Monstrous Shapeshifting! Whole Head Turns Reptile Demon!

Most Monstrous Shapeshifting! Whole Head Turns Reptile Demon!

Published on May 27, 2017
In this capture for clip 5 of the "Predator" demonic distortion series the shapeshifting was so massive I thought I would upload it separately. Notice again, I do not believe the actor (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a reptilian shapeshifter (but I don't know). Rather what we are seeing is a strong demonic indwelling which somehow manifests in what the camera sees; the more distance of the camera from the subject (photonic delay) gives greater opportunity for this revelation to manifest. Not only do you see the head of the person morph into monstrous forms, you can clearly see ghosting forms of beings surrounding the subject. Some of these ghost forms one can see intersecting the flesh of the person, and the flesh seeming to conform to the shape of this being, sometimes quite larger than the person in the shot. No matter what your belief system, atheist or religious, I think it is hard to get away from likelihood of leaning toward the Christian bible narrative of demons which indwell people, and which Jesus and the apostles are listed as having cast out of people. I think part of what we see when the flesh goes totally non-human head for instance, is a kind of truth getting revealed about the nature of the person in question. At the point where the camera shows a reptilian head where a human head should be, one might conclude that the nature of the person is partially this reptilian being.

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